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OM: What Is It & Why Do We Chant It? Zamira Darib Thu May 2018

OM is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning or at the end of yoga class. Seed mantras like OM are no

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What is Chin / jnana Mudra? Zamira Darib Thu May 2018

Jnana Mudra or Gyan Mudra is the most common yogic mudra used in meditation. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Jnana’ Chin means consciousness

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Ego vs. Spirit Benedicte Alice Hertwig Wed August 2017

Shall we function as spiritual beings seeking the enfoldment of consciousness in the universe, or as egos seeking our personal domination and

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Creative ways to gain experience as a new yoga teacher Yogiswap Team Tue August 2017

As a new yoga teacher, you are all set to inspire your students to master the various asanas that you have mastered after months and years of

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How To Find A Yoga Teaching Jobs When Traveling? Yogiswap Team Tue August 2017

Travelling is one of the most blissful experiences of life, and if you’re a yoga instructor then there’s always the possibility of

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Best Practices Of Successful Traveling Yoga Teachers Yogiswap Team Tue August 2017

Yoga is an art which creates a stronger bond and integration between the body, mind and the soul. To teach this form to others, it is necessary that

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All you need to know about the exotic Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Bali Yogiswap Team Tue August 2017

It’s rightly said that the place of practice has a huge impact on the art. In every art form, it helps to have surroundings that can enhance

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5 Principles of Hatha Yoga according to Sivananda Zamira Darib Sat August 2017

These 5 principles constitute the essence of the teachings of the Sivananda. To clarify the science of Yoga and make it accessible to the

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Choose Your Destination & Travel the World as a Yoga Teacher Yogiswap Team Tue August 2017

We know people who are passionate about travelling the world. Three main constraints are often quoted by those who cannot afford to live their dream:

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Cool cities to be a yoga teacher in the USA Yogiswap Team Mon August 2017

The USA is in the forefront list of countries where yoga is very popular. It is clear it is not a fad, and it is properly ingrained in the way many

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Teaching Yoga in San Diego – Pros and Cons Yogiswap Team Mon August 2017

San Diego is a beautiful city located on the Pacific coast of California. The city is one of the most visited places and on earth.  Because it

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How to Travel the World When You have Got Absolutely No Money Yogiswap Team Mon August 2017

Would love to travel the world but have no money? There are thousands of people that have the desire to travel the world but

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