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How do I get started ?

Simply sign up with a few basic details and start developing your profile. Once you are done, search for yoga teachers in the Swapping board. When you find an interesting swap opportunity, click “Message” to start messaging with your potential YogiSwap-mate.

How exactly do I swap?

Found a great yoga teacher in a location you would love to swap?

It's as simple as messaging the potential YogiSwap-mate and taking it from there. Use our secure messaging to talk over the details, via Message under the profile of the yoga instructor you would like to speak to. Once you are ready to swap with the person, you just need to click Swap, specify the swap dates of your request and Request swapping. Similarly, a yoga teacher may send you a swap request any time. Please check your personal inbox regularly, to see the status of your request. Go to Inbox and then Requests (tab on top) and see:

- requests you have sent to other but are pending to be accepted by them

- requests you have received from others but are pending to be accepted by you

- requests confirmed swap from both parties. These swaps are on!!

What are the best tips for a happy swap?

Swapping (and looking for a swap) is in itself a learning experience but there are some common sense tips that people usually follow.

1. Invest in your profile and show how amazing you are (while staying true to who you are and what you can offer). You'll spend way less time searching for swaps and definitively receive more!

2. Be open-minded and don’t narrow on destinations or specific timings. Sometimes those opportunistic swaps turn out to be the best.

3. Communicate. Members can sometimes exchange 10 to 20 messages before confirming a swap. Remember this is your deal and you both have to feel happy with it. Communication will not only will you avoid misunderstandings but also you will build the basis for a new friendship!

4. Be thoughtful. Ensure your home yoga studio/ yoga school/ yoga place of work agrees with the swap and is aware of all the details before you confirm a swap with your swap-mate. This is particularly critical if you are not the studio owner.

5. Take care of each other. Be sure you are at your best while covering the classes of your YogiSwap-mate. Additionally, if you are swapping/exchanging your home, ensure your home is tidy and stocked up with the basics before your swap arrives. In turn, leave your hosts home at least the same as you have found it. Nail all those and you (and your YogiSwap-mate) will be perfectly happy.

If you want to read more, check out our ‘important swap checklist’ before a swap and/or the blog posts and swapping experiences from others that can be found on YogiSwap.com. If you still have questions or concerns, you can always talk to us too: hello@yogiswap.com

What about insurance?

It's always a good idea to talk to your health insurer and, when swapping homes, to talk to your home insurer to make sure you're covered while you swap and to give yourself a chance to take out any extra cover, should you need it. Remember, insurance is down to you, and YogiSwap is just a community-platform for you to find a potential swap-mate. We cannot guarantee that everything will go well or that the information you see on other yoga teachers is 100% accurate. Our members tend to act on good faith, when not they are negatively reviewed and/or removed from YogiSwap, but it is really up to you to decide on insurance.

Do we have to swap at the same time?

Yes. This is necessary in order to cover both members yoga teaching obligations.

How do members contact each other about swaps?

Members contact each other about swaps through the secure messaging system within the YogiSwap platform. Each time you receive a new message on YogiSwap messaging platform, you will also receive an email to your own email address to alert you. If you don’t want to receive e-mail notifications, please visit your Dashboard, Privacy area to turn off e-mail notifications. We ask that our members respond to all swap requests and messages, even if the swap request is not of interest to you. Help others by early declining their swap requests when you know they are not interesting for you, it helps everyone find their swaps faster. After messaging with your YogiSwap-mate and feeling confident this might be a good swap, it's also a good idea to discuss your swap on a phone call or via Skype to get to know your each other even more and agree on all the swap details.

Once I have swapped with a member, do I need to swap again with the same person?

Not at all, unless you want to. You can swap with as many yoga teachers as you want and repeat swaps as desired. If you really enjoyed swapping with someone, the best way to thank her/him is to give a great review!

How does the swap confirmation process work?

The YogiSwap site takes you through the process of agreeing swaps online in a simple and secure way. A swap request only confirms timings and yoga teachers swapping. Remember that the terms of the swap are completely up to you and your YogiSwap-mate, and that it is important you ensure you covered all points. For reference, you can view our “important swap checklist” items to avoid missing out. Either of you can send a swap request to the other so that the other party confirms the request, clicking “Confirm swap”. Then the swap is on! For any questions, please contact us on hello@yogiswap.com

Will YogiSwap help me to obtain a visa to my destination country?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in obtaining permission to enter a country. This is entirely your responsibility and when considering swap destinations you should bear in mind your ability to arrive to your destination, including travel costs and visas that may be necessary.

Do I have to add photos or videos of me straight away?

Photos and videos are a critical part of your profile and yoga teachers who add photos are substantially more likely to receive swap requests. Don't worry if you don't have photos or videos at hand when you join. You can return later to add photos, videos or other details - simply log in to YogiSwap, go to your “Dashboard” and modify your “Profile” section as soon as you have your material ready. You can change your photos and videos as often as you want in order to show your latest skill level. We strongly recommend that you add at least one photo and a video to your listing to get the most out of your membership. Adding your Instagram, Facebook and/or your own website (if you have any of these) also helps in order to allow potential YogiSwap-mates to understand your skill and style.

How do you keep my profile secure?

To protect your privacy, your phone number, home or email address will not be visible anywhere on the website to other YogiSwap members. In case you decide to exchange your Home too, location-wise, we will only share the city your home is. You will have to provide the details on the area you live when messaging with your YogiSwap-mate. Finally, you can change other privacy settings if you go to “Dashboard” and select “Privacy” on the left hand menu. There you will be able to control: - allow comments from other members on your blog and on your gallery - allow to be visible to other members on the YogiSwap Tribe - allow other members to message you. It is important that you check the boxes that you want to allow. In particular, note that if you do not allow (uncheck) other yoga instructors to message you, you will have difficulties in finding swaps (as potential swaps won’t be able to talk to you). This might be useful however, if you are already swapping or do not feel like swapping for a while.

Can I list more than one instructor under my profile?

Each membership is personal and cannot be used by or transferred to other yoga instructors. One profile, one person.

How do I appear on the Swapping board?

By creating a profile (with or without swapping accommodation) you automatically enter into the database. When yoga teachers search “Anywhere” or for your specific “country of residence” your profile will appear on their results. It is important to know that you may get requests from yoga teachers in countries where you do not want to go. Simply decline politely as soon as possible. Note you will never get reviewed for declining a swap request. Declining is part of the process to find swaps. If you have any questions about how to do this, simply email us at hello@yogiswap.com

Why is my account suspended?

If when you try to sign in you get a message that says your account has been suspended (or if you have received an email from us saying your account has been suspended) you should get in contact with us at hello@yogiswap.com to clarify the situation. There are several reasons for an account to be suspended such as lack of membership fee payment or the potential misuse of the YogiSwap service. We will re-activate your account if your memberships fees are paid in full and if there is no abuse of the community, misuse of the service, and/or infringement of any sort of our Terms & Conditions.

How does YogiSwap process my payment?

We ask you to provide your credit/debit card details in order to charge your membership fee as per your selected plan. When the time to pay comes, YogiSwap uses your card through our secured payment gateway partner in order to charge for membership fees only. To read more about the strict security of our payment gateway pleaseread here.

How do I cancel my account?

We regret to hear you are not happy with your YogiSwap service and we will make the cancellation process easy for you. You just need to send us an email to hello@yogiswap.com saying you would like to cancel your membership at least 7 days before your membership gets renewed and we will process your cancelation. We will send you a confirmation email that your cancellation has been processed successfully so that you can keep it in your records.

Can I swap cars as part of a home swap?

Many members do, as you can save on hire-car costs allowing you to freely explore your destination. But before you make the agreement, check that your insurance policy allows your exchange partner to drive your car - if an extra premium is charged, sort out who will pay.

What should I do to make my home exchange run as smoothly as possible?

Industry experts state that it is very rare for complaints about theft or damage to be reported around home swaps. Home swapping / exchange is something that exists for over a decade and ourselves have done so frequently. People are actually even nicer than if they are in a rental house because, think about it, you are in their place but so they are in yours. You actually feel even more close and responsible to each other. Nevertheless, just to be on the safe side, it is advised for members to lock away (or give to a friend/neighbour for custody) any valuable possessions that you instinctively would not want to leave out on display. However, accidents do happen (e.g., you accidentally break something). The best thing to do is to contact your swap-mate immediately to understand what is the best way to cover for the loss (e.g., repair, replacement, money).

How will I access the home I have exchanged with my swap?

If you have agreed to exchange your Home during your swap, you should check details such as how to access the home with your host prior to your swap. After confirming a swap, it is best practice that each party sends an email on how to access the property, address details and anything else you need to know about your stay. A common solution is to leave with a neighbour or a friend your home keys, provided they are available on the day your YogiSwap-mate arrives.

Can I just exchange my home with a YogiSwap-mate without actually swapping our place of work?

Sure you can! While we think it is nice (and rewarding) to swap jobs temporarily, you may simply want to travel to another place and stay in the home of a like-minded person, another yoga instructor! Remember, what you swap and the conditions of it, is completely up to both of you. It is your mutual agreement and we will not interfere. Just make sure your YogiSwap-mate is in full understanding of your home exchange without a swap of job.

Swap Cancellations and Alterations What happens if at the last minute the swap cannot go through on one side e.g. flights have to be cancelled for unavoidable reasons? If the yoga teacher you agreed to swap with suddenly has to cancel, you have three options:

1. Speak to your YogiSwap-mate and see if he/she can find you an alternative in their home destination for your job swap and/or home exchange. Even if they cannot come to yours, you might still be able to go to theirs and work around the yoga job-swap.

2. Try to get another swap for the same dates and country. You may contact us at hello@yogiswap.com so that we can try to help you find another swap. We understand how frustrating a cancellation can be and we will do what we can to help you, however, we cannot guarantee we will be successful.

3. Cancel your trip and try to recover the costs. It is advisable to get insurance and flexible cancelation conditions when you make your travel arrangements.

In any case, once a swap is on (e.g., confirmed from both you and your YogiSwap-mate), you will have the option to review each other (even if the swap actually did not happen). You should make sure you mention well what happened. Peer-reviews are critical to keep the community healthy and collaborative with each other.

How can I cancel?

Sometimes plans change, however, you have made a personal commitment to another person. We strongly encourage you to message immediately your YogiSwap-mate on our secure messaging system to discuss your options before cancelling a reservation.

Ideally you should try to help the other yoga teacher on finding a solution (e.g., perhaps another yoga instructor in your studio? Or if you were exchanging homes you can provide accommodation to your YogiSwap-mate?). Try to help your YogiSwap-mate as much as you would like to be helped if this were to happen to you.

If you find a substitute, e-mail us at hello@yogiswap.com coping your YogiSwap-mate and the new YogiSwap-mate (the yoga substitute life-saver!!) so that we can update the swap record on each profile including the review system.

If finally you agree on cancelling the swap, you should email us at hello@yogiswap.com copying your YogiSwap-mate so that we can process the cancelation.

My YogiSwap-mate has not met all our agreements (for example, she/he did not come to deliver a yoga class) what should I do?

You should contact the member to understand why exactly this has been the case and find some mitigation solution (if possible). If no reasonable explanation is provided, you should clearly reflect the issue in your swap review / comments.

Additionally, you should contact us at hello@yogiswap.com to report the misuse of the service by this particular yoga instructor. As a community, each member is responsible to be at her/his best every time they swap with someone. This is what makes our community great! Members who fail to meet the terms they had agreed upon will be withdrawn from the community.

What should I do if I’m not happy with a swap experience?

Member reviews

At the end of your swap you will receive a notification to review your swap experience. If your experience has not been up to your expectations you should explain why. This is particularly important if your YogiSwap-mate has failed on meeting any of the agreements you had agreed beforehand. If you believe, the issue requires further investigation on our end, to even potentially suspend the account of the other yoga instructor, contact us at hello@yogiswap.com. Additionally, please feel free to reach us at hello@yogiswap.com with any feedback you may have on the swap process and your experience. We would love to learn how we could serve the YogiSwap community better!

How do reviews work?

Reviews are a critical tool to ensure that excellent YogiSwap-mates are thanked and acknowledged accordingly as well as to identify anyone who could be misusing the service and potentially harming the community. At the end of each swap, or if your swap was agreed on but cancelled later on, you will be able to write a review about your YogiSwap-mate and he/she will write a review about you. Remember, your honest reviews are critical to the rest of the YogiSwap community!

What are YogiSwap’s review guidelines?

Reviews are meant to be as informative and fair as possible. They are important information for other yoga instructors searching for a swap. Please, do not use any bad language, threats, defamatory language, etc. as per our terms and conditions. For your security and privacy, please do reveal any personal information while writing your reviews, as everyone in the community will have access to it. If YogiSwap team considers that a review is breaking our communication guidelines as per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to remove it partially or completely.

Can I remove a review?

You cannot directly remove a review. Reviews are meant to be honest opinions from other users about their swap experience with you. However, may you receive a review that you consider offensive, abusive, breaching the terms and conditions, or simply not true, please report to us at hello@yogiswap.com. Our team will investigate the issue and remove the review and/or suspend accounts if necessary.

How do I report a problem or a suggestion?

For any inquires or feedback, please reach out to us at hello@yogiswap.com. We love to hear from you and we are here to help!

Do I need to write a blog in order to be able to swap?

Not at all!! Your blog is just an additional tool for you to express and share your yoga journey. If you don’t feel like sharing now or simply this is not for you, do not use it. However, the blog helps other potential YogiSwap-mates and schools to better understand who you are and whether if you could be a good fit for a swap. It’s a plus to help you swap, and to express yourself freely, but it is your entire choice to use it or not.

I have never written a blog, what should I do?

Go to your “Dashboard” and then select “Your Blog” on the left hand menu. You will see 2 tabs: 1. Your posts: this is how your blog looks to other yoga teachers 2. Add new post: this is where you go to write a new post to your blog The space for your blog is easy to use, and has 3 main elements: 1. Title: Add a title to your specific blog post. What are you writing about? 2. Image: Add an image specific to your blog post. If you do not want to add an image, your profile picture will appear instead 3. Content: Here is where you can write your post. You can be as creative as you want, always respecting the YogiSwap community guidelines as per our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy. You decide how much you want to write and how often you want to write! Just keep your blog posts original unless you have explicit authorization to reproduce someone else content.

I want to start a blog, but I don’t know what to write, any ideas?

Our community is about yoga, travel and the related lifestyle. This is what excites all of us and why we are here. Try to keep your posts around these broad topics to contribute to the community. For instance, you could post about your first day swap experience (how did you feel?, what did you see?, what did you learn?), post about a restaurant you discovered that has the most amazing vegan food, post about your fun afternoon with another yoga teacher you met via the YogiSwap Tribe, post about what you learned from teaching yoga in a new place for a few days, post about your progress and personal yoga journey….. so many things you may chose to post about!! Apply your own criteria on what would you like to post sharing with all the YogiSwap community and enjoy the sharing experience!

Someone has contacted me via the YogiSwap Tribe, what is next?

If you want to meet fellow yoga teachers, go ahead, message with each other and meet if you feel like. Maybe she/he is new in town and would appreciate a friend to show her/him around? Is there a nicer way to make new friends than by sharing some city tips and exchanging a laugh? Even if you don’t physically meet, having a local friend is always of great help!

Do I need to be visible on the YogiSwap Tribe in order to be able to swap?

No. Being visible on the YogiSwap Tribe and meeting fellow yoga instructors is independent from your swapping activity. The YogiSwap Tribe is simply a way to stay connected, share experiences and make new friendships!

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